Nathan Weatherford

Lead Designer

An avid PC gamer his entire life, Nathan has found time to also do other things. Sometimes.

Nathan has a background in TV and cinema doing visual effects for feature length films, production work on TV shows like Forensic Files, and producing his own short films. A love for technology and photography later landed him a job with Sony Digital Imaging. Nathan is now a professional project manager for complex business IT implementations with VocalPoint Consulting.

Nathan founded Cat Code Games to fulfill his dream of producing games. As the Lead Designer and business owner, he wears a lot of hats on WANTED: Dead Men Walking. His main goal is to ensure an intuitive and fun experience for the player by working with the entire team to refine the core gameplay rules.

Ohle is an expert hard surface 3D artist and the Lead Artist for WANTED: Dead Men Walking. Full of passion and dedication, his goal is to learn something new every day about art and game development.

Ohle’s experience with VR projects, survival games, and endless game development YouTube binges have prepared him for managing the art team, checking all art assets for the game to ensure quality, on top of modeling many himself.


 You can check out Ohle’s work here:


Ohle Mathiebe

Lead Artist


Janis Baumeister

Code Lead & Animator

Prior to his jump into game development, Janis was lead of a large real estate finance team in Germany. These skills have helped him immensly since starting his career in game development in 2012. Two yeas ago, he turned his passion for game development into a fulltime job.

Skilled with C++, Janis is an expert in network solutions, game mechanics, complex AI systems, and animation.

Marc is CEO and Developer at FinalSpark Gamestudios. Working in the game industry for over 6 years, he is skilled in gameplay mechanics programming, networking solutions, development tools, integrations, and interfaces.
Bander is an expert in C++ and Typescript (Node.js) coding languages.


Marc Fraedrich

Code Lead


Roman Chisathovskiy

3D Character & Clothing Artist

Roman Studied in Shevchenko State Art School and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. His extensive experience in traditional painting and sculpture have helped him sculpt the human anatomy. He has worked as a digital sculptor for a toy company to create toys for 3D printing, and as a 3D character artist on the game Cold Comfort.

Roman utilizes programs like: Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Mari, Photoshop, Topogun to bring characters to life.

As the 3D character artist, Roman’s job is to make a hipoly sculpt of the character models and clothing, retopologize them for performance, then create detailed textures. 

Daniel is a professional 3D hard surface artist that specializes in guns, props, and vehicles. He has done extensive modelling work for such titles as Rust, Driveclub, and Star Citizen.

You can check out more of Dan’s work here:

Daniel Conroy

Senior 3D Artist


Unlae D

3D Character Rigger

Unlae is a professional 3D Character Artist. He has spent countless hours Rigging & Skinning Characters in Maya, 3Ds Max, and Blender.

Unlae is in the process of opening his own Motion Capture studio for custom animation solutions. His work has been featured on and has packs available on the Unreal Marketplace for developers.

Henry Kulick is the writer who brings wordsmithing to the Wild West. In the realm of journalism, Henry’s work has been featured in a variety of publications such as PCGamesN and COGconnected where he’s written about media in every form it takes. Always fostering his love of fiction, Henry serves as a sourcebook writer for Bound, a storytelling platform that publishes official stories from existing universes like Pillars of Eternity, as well as original stories. He will be releasing plenty of new and original fiction in 2018.

In the universe of W:DMW, fans will probably recognize Henry more by his persona, Ike “Inkblot” Brewster. Combining his passions for fiction and journalism, Henry/Ike publishes The Pony Express, a weekly, in-universe newspaper that keeps readers informed of the game’s progress here in the real world, while also putting a smile on their face…usually at the expense of Ike.


Henry Kulick

Staff Writer


Danielle Soloski

Community Manager

Danielle is an avid social media user and loves taking part in online communities, organizing events, and watches entirely too much Twitch.

Danielle’s role is to provide feedback to the rest of the development team on community opinions of features for WANTED: Dead Men Walking so they don’t mess anything up too badly!

A professional 2D artist, Rob has worked on several freelance projects, including background art for the animated short Bird Feed.

Rob is responsible for designing period correct and fun clothing for WANTED: Dead Men Walking.

Check out Robert’s work here:


Robert Heize

2D Concept Artist


Ryan Vogler

2D Marketing Artist

Artist Ryan Vogler has been producing published work for 18+ years as both a freelance and in-house graphic designer, digital illustrator, and concept artist. With services spanning throughout the entertainment industry, Ryan has produced work for movies, video games, comic books, music videos, network television and books.

Working with a variety of businesses, Ryan has created logo designs, promotional items, advertisements, posters, brochures, and website content.

Francisc is a professional game designer, having worked on popular titles for Ubisoft. He blends his deep understanding of game design with a academic background in graphic design to create some of the most compelling and user friendly User Interface designs in the industry.


Francisc Apostu

UI & UX Designer



Particle VFX Artist

Micha, better known as Xasu, got his start in Game Development at the age of 12 using Blender and Unity. In 2015 he started using the Unreal Engine 4 and quickly decided to work towards a future in the gaming industry.

The effects that could be created using particles always fascinated him and he started creating them on his own. Now he is helping the project by creating effects for everything from the game’s environment to weapons.

Jorge is a sound designer with almost two years of experience, coming from a musical background. He has been working a dayjob in San Francisco for the last couple years. 18 years of age, he has been working oddjobs as a contract-to-contract designer making weapon sounds, and musical themes for Unity/UE4 projects.

Recently Jorge worked on the creation of an assault rifles sound asset pack for the Unity marketplace which will be released February 2018. Although weaponry sound design is a strong aspect of his work, he is fairly well rounded. After coming home from work Jorge enjoys playing guitar, recording Foley in his small Foley setup, and interacting in the game dev community on Forums and Discord servers.


Jorge Soto

Sound Designer

When he’s not bogged down with homework, Matthew “SkipTheBaconLover” Hanson uses much of his time to play games with friends as well as interacting with many people online. With many years of gaming under his belt, Matthew prides himself for having experience with many different consoles and game genres.

While following his dream to being a successful Twitch and YouTube content creator, Matthew has picked up quite a bit of experience in using Social Media to promote his channels. He’s currently using these skills as the official Social Media Manager for WANTED: Dead Men Walking. He’s tasked with making sure all of the game announcements are given to the public in a well formatted and relevant way.

Check out his streams here! 


Matthew Hanson

Social Media Manager



Admin Developer

Christopher “Lumenation” NotMyRealLastName has been gaming since the Atari 2600 days with pitfall, and especially a fan of the Outlaw game, even today.

He’s done a lot in games including fail at them all. However, after some time in the military he became much better at other things. And he is now doing them on behalf of Cat Code Games.

Favorite Quote: I have 2 kids, who has time for wisdom when they argue with a human about who pooped in the diaper.