Calling All Visionaries: WANTED Holds Weapon Skin Design Contest!

“Calling All Visionaries: WANTED Holds Weapon Skin Design Contest!”

Hear ye, hear ye–all those who read these masterfully crafted words of mine, I have a special opportunity just for you.

Do you consider yourself an artiste? A master-crafter unlike any other? Hell, do you like guns?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then I urge you to check out WANTED’S current design contest. If you enter, you’ll have the shot at having a weapon skin of your own design put into our battle royale, WANTED: Dead Men Walking.

That’s right–if you win, you’ll work closely with our talented team of artists to bring that dream weapon skin of yours to life.

So, come on and live a little. There are 9 ways to enter, and they can be compounded to give yourself more chances to win. Can you believe that?

Lookie here, I’ve done you the service of grabbing the contest and I’ve stuck it right here in my article. THIS is why they call me the Marshal around these parts–because I look out for the people!


Your Competition Name


Please don’t tell the Marshal I said that. He will not, I repeat, will NOT be pleased with me.

For future contests, of which we plan on having a great many as we near release, please head to the “FREE CONTESTS” tab you can see up on the top of this here webpage.

Pages made out of webs, HA. You futuristic fools. Paper’s made from trees, not spider webs. Future folk can’t do nothing right.


EDITOR’S QUESTION OF THE DAY: What kind of prizes and perks would you like to see in future contests?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express


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