“ANNOUNCING ‘IKE INKBLOT BREWSTER’S KEYS TO SUCCESS’” Now, now, let’s keep the rabble down; I know that you’ve all been anticipating this for a long time now. Oh yes, this headline rings true: I have released my first chapter of Ike ‘Inkblot’ Brewster’s Keys to Success. As you men and women in the civilized parts […]

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The Beauty of the West

“The Beauty of the West” I’m afraid that I come off as a cynic, maybe even a bastard, when I constantly talk about how life out on the frontier is dangerous. Sure, you might run out of water and become a buzzard buffet, or you may fall into a ravine, breaking both of your legs […]

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Pony Express Issue 6

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You know what time it is... 😏🕛 #indiedev #gamedev
Dear diary, today we experimented with a lot of the @Paragon assets from @EpicGames in @UnrealEngine. We have alrea……
Our awesome 3D Character Artist, Chisathovskiy, showed us this amazing base for a female native! The amount of dif……