A Wild West Multiplayer battle royale with randomly generated terrain and towns.

Shoot, scalp, and ride to kill the Most Wanted player before high noon!

WANTED - Wild West Battle Royale Game

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Tame, saddle, and mount a horse to navigate the open range.

The American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse in the West, able to outrun even thoroughbreds given a straight course.

The Mustang can get you out of a tight spot, able to turn on a dime and maneuver rough terrain.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a literal workhorse that won’t give out on you — even when she’s full of lead.

Every enemy you scalp awards you with a skill point that can give you an edge with Revolvers, Repeaters, Rifles, Coachguns, and Strength weapons.

Fanning is the second Revolver skill, which allows you to fire from the hip twice as fast. 

Cowboy Shooting is the third Repeater skill which allows you to use your rifle on horseback.

Wallop is the third Strength skill which makes your melee and bow attacks reach full charge twice as fast.

No two matches are the same.

Blaze into the frontier aboard a Steam Engine Train.

Randomized terrain, procedurally generated towns, and random loot await.

Keep your wits about you.

The west is vast.

Saddle up and hunt down the Most Wanted player on a massive 8x8km map or die trying.

100 players will be fighting to turn your scalp into gold.

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WANTED - Wild West Battle Royale | Game Dev Stream: youtu.be/-qtKxCK-SZI?a via @YouTube
WANTED - Wild West Battle Royale | Game Dev Stream: youtu.be/tMHS87kv_nA?a via @YouTube